Every portfolio at Parallax Capital is custom-built to pursue the unique needs of each client. Every portfolio is constructed with client objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, special constraints and tax situation in mind.

In today’s economic environment, obtaining investment information is easy; choosing the investments that are right for you is much more difficult. We assist you in identifying your investment objectives, evaluating your risk tolerance, analyzing your current portfolio, developing an appropriate asset allocation strategy and recommending various alternatives tailored to help meet your individual needs and goals.

We rely on core principles developed and tested since the inception of our firm. Our goal is to be an objective advocate that adheres to the following core principles:

  • Asset allocation provides the foundation to managing portfolio risk and return potential
  • Tax efficiency and asset location are critical
  • Portfolio expenses must be scrutinized
  • Risk should always be mitigated
  • No single money management firm can be all things to all people